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            Course Descriptions

1.  This is Your Life from Birth to Death - A scriptural study of life and its purpose from birth to your death.

2.  The World and the Church - A study to increase students' understanding of what the church is  and what the world is about.  Scripture has much to say about the differences between the two.

3.  Truth vs False - Where there is false, there is real; and, where there is real, there is false.   False can be very convincing.  Know what the Bible has to say so you will not be deceived.

4.  Salvation:  Transforming your life through the process of conversion - Salvation is a  broad topic we all need to study.  This course is the first part of our journey to greater understanding of what salvation is all about.  What is conversion?  What does the Word say about how to be saved?

5.  Introduction to African American Studies - What is the role of Africa and African people in the Bible and World History?  Is there an African presence in the Bible?  Questions that may be answered as  students are introduced to the study of the history and importance of a people from the beginning of time.

6.  Bible Survey - This foundational course will help students have an overview of the structure of the Bible; to learn the books of the Bible; and to understand God's purpose of each book.  You will be encouraged to grow, to be familiar with the entire Bible, to become equipped to serve the Lord in knowing His Word and thus His will for your life.

7.  Christian Workers - This foundational course will help students understand that a Christian Worker is one who is qualified to work  for God in the several branches of the Christian Ministry; what the qualifications are; incentives  to the work; and why and how to study the Bible; essential knowledge the worker needs; how to deal with sinners, backsliders, cult members, and much more.

8.  Evangelism - This foundational course will help students understand the Biblical view of evangelism; the qualifications and evidences of the evangelistic calling; what preparation is necessary; how being filled the Holy Spirit makes a difference; personal evangelism; how to write sermon outlines, and much more.

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